What Color Bed Sheets Should I Get?

how to choose colorful bedding

Whether it’s narrowing down the perfect pillow or finding a thick throw blanket, you have to make tons of different decisions when piecing together your sleep sanctuary.  

However, unless you’re a color theory expert, it can be a little tricky to find both a practical and cohesive color scheme for your bedding. From what color comforter goes with grey sheets to choosing the right colorful bedding for your décor – there’s a lot to consider before you arrive at that final dreamy outcome. 

So, to get you snoozing soundly just a bit quicker, we’ve put together a guide to help you decide what color bed sheets to go for, below.

What is the best color for bed sheets?

When hand picking your colorful bedding, there are a few things to consider first. The overall look is, of course, important but getting the right luxury bedding to suit your home matters too. 

For example, do you have a playful pup with a tendency to leave muddy paw prints? Or maybe you’re the clumsy one at home and frequently find coffee stains on your bedding? If this sounds like you, then dark colored bedding is the way to go – think black, gray, and navy hues. 

Now, while you should still wash your bedding if your puppy gets messy, black bedding is great at minimizing the appearance of stains, as well as general wear and tear. What’s more, this colorful bedding brings a sleek and modern vibe to your bedroom too!

But if you’re after colorful bedding to freshen up your room instead, then white or beige might suit you better. Bright, clean, and airy, this colorful bedding brings a soothing and relaxing feel to your room. 

And while it is easier to notice stains on lighter bedding, we recommend you wash your bedding at least every 2 weeks anyway to avoid bacteria forming. So, this should keep your colorful bedding sparkling no matter what you throw at it!

Can I mix and match my bedding?

With the best color bedding for you sorted, you might be thinking about other colorful bedding to complete your bedspread. But what are the best colors to choose?

Well, many people decide to go down the cohesive route and keep to one color for their bedding. But mixing and matching your bedding can actually have a stylish and cozy effect on your room.

So, before we get into some mixed and matched colorful bedding ideas, let’s first take a look at what some of the best bed sheet color combinations are.

What are the best bed sheet color combinations?

Typically, the best bed sheet color combinations are either complete contrasts or, as to be expected, shades that are exactly the same. 

So, if you have dark sheets, then you might want to continue the modern motif throughout all your bedding. Combining black sheets with a black duvet and pillow set is a great color combination for creating a sleek and stylish space.  

Similarly, white with white is the perfect calming and cohesive bed sheet color combination. When the dark winter nights take hold, an all-white bedspread can help bring a bit of light into your bedroom!

And if you do decide to go for some cozy cohesion with your bed sheet color combinations, it’s important to get the exact same shade of color. A slightly different shade for your pillowcases than your luxury duvet cover, for example, can create an off-balance look.

However, if you prefer the intrigue of contrast, then a black and white bed sheet color combination is a classic! The stark contrast between the two shades brings drama and sophistication to a room.

What are some more colorful bedding ideas?

Nothing is off limits when it comes to colorful bedding ideas. So, if you prefer the characterful to the cohesive, let’s look at how you can bring a pop of color to your bed set-up. 

For instance, black and silver is a stylish, eccentric, and playful colorful bedding idea. Grab some black sheets and a silver duvet cover to easily achieve this look. Or, for a more understated colorful bedding idea, try gray sheets with a green duvet cover to get that subtle pop of color. 

Of course, decorative pillows and cases are an easy way to implement colorful bedding ideas. Simply pick a pillowcase that matches your current bedding. For example, opt for a sage green pillow with a white duvet cover for a calming effect!

With your colorful bed sheets sorted, you might want to explore whether a duvet or comforter is right for you next. Or, if you’ve already settled on a duvet as part of your colorful bedding, then let us show you the easiest way to put on your duvet cover, head over to our inspiration page.