Luxury & High End Fitted Sheets

Looking for the perfect fitted bed sheet to complete your stylish bedspread? Look no further than our high quality fitted sheets. You can just slide into bed and experience the silky-smooth feel of our bedsheets, without compromising on style! Match or contrast with our high end duvet covers and luxury pillowcases to craft the bedding of your dreams. Browse our range of luxury fitted bed sheets, below. 


What fitted bed sheets are available at DUSK?

We have a luxury fitted bedsheet for everyone's bedroom, from twin sizes all the way up to king sizes. So, whether you’re sprucing up the kids’ bed set or treating yourself to a new silky fitted bed sheet, our products are a great way to make your bedroom feel more cozy!

For example, our Egyptian cotton sateen fitted bed sheet guarantees a rich, deep, night’s sleep – and, at a thread count of 800, it is one of our most luxurious fitted sheet! Available in a crisp white shade, this fitted bed sheet is an always classic and cozy choice.

Or, if you prefer a sleek and dark bedroom style, then our percale fitted sheet in charcoal is designed for you. Made from high-quality cotton, you can treat yourself to a deep and full night’s sleep with this luxurious fitted sheet!

What is the best thread count for fitted bed sheets?

You might have seen thread count numbers popping up while shopping for a fitted bed sheet, but does anyone really know what they mean? Well, we’re not just all about how to create a beautiful bedroom here at DUSK, we also know a thing or two about how to keep you comfy too!

The thread count number is a quick and easy way to tell what your fitted bed sheet will feel like. The number indicates how many threads are woven into one square inch of fabric, which determines how thick and dense the fitted bed sheet will feel. 

So, what is the best thread count for fitted bed sheets? Well, it’s all down to you. For a silky soft fitted bed sheet, go for an 800-thread count. If a light airy cotton is more your sleep style, then 200-thread count is the way to go.

Shop luxury fitted sheets at DUSK

Here at DUSK, we want to give everyone the chance to rest their weary limbs on the smoothest, silkiest, most luxurious fitted bedsheet. That’s why we stock a wide range of thread counts, sizes, and colors. Shop our full range of fitted bed sheets, above, or browse our duvet covers, pillowcases, and bedspreads to complete your bed set.

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