Luxury Pillowcases

Want to experience luxurious comfort every time your head hits the pillow? Our collection of luxury pillowcases includes opulent Egyptian options, as well as the sumptuous softness of 100% cotton. Browse our high end pillow covers to see how you can elevate your sleeping experience, for the perfect accompaniment to our luxury bedding. Browse premium pillow covers that you can mix and match with our high end duvet covers.


What type of pillowcases should I buy?

Is there anything better than resting your head on a sumptuously soft pillow after a long day? Well, that’s why we’ve curated this stunning range of luxury pillow covers, letting you create the coziest bedroom possible.

The only question is, which type of pillowcase is best for your sleep style? And this is where the choice between cotton and Egyptian cotton pillowcases beckons. 

Let’s start with traditional cotton pillowcases. Their softness and breathability make them a timeless choice for those who want to prioritize their comfort without compromising on quality. There are also a wide range of these luxury pillow covers available, letting you find the perfect palette for your bedroom. 

And then there’s Egyptian cotton covers. These luxury pillow covers are renowned for their extra-long fibers that provide a silky-smooth texture you just can’t get enough of. Perfect for a cool and comfortable sleep experience!

Are there different size pillowcases available at DUSK?

While you might think that you only need to think about sizing for duvet covers, sheets, and bedspreads, you’ll also need to determine the dimensions that are best for your pillowcase.

Don’t worry, you can always find a luxury pillow cover to suit the size of your bed in our collection. Take our king-size pillowcases, for example. These luxury pillow covers add a touch of grandeur to your bedroom, perfectly matching a king-size duvet cover.

Be sure to browse the full range of sizes in our collection of luxury pillow covers to find the ideal dimensions for your bed!

Buy luxury pillow covers at DUSK

With our luxury pillow covers, you can elevate your sleep sanctuary with cozy comfort and no small amount of style! If you want to complete your bed set, explore our pillowcases range, above, or get in touch with us today if you want to chat through our luxury pillow covers in more detail.

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