Luxury & High End Cushion Covers

Add the finishing touches to your bedroom or living room with our luxury cushion covers. Made for adding personality and character to your bedding or couch, we’ve designed our luxury decor with you in mind. Bring the comfort. Bring the style. Shop our range of high end cushion covers, below.


What are cushion covers used for?

Both practical and stunning, our luxury cushion covers are the perfect finishing touch to your home decor

We’ve all been there, you buy a lovely new cushion for your bed or sofa, and you go and spill red wine on it, or the kids leave bright pink marker streaks all over it. The whole thing is ruined, right?

Except, our cushion covers protect your cushion from disaster! Not only are they easily swappable, but our cushion covers are also super simple to clean, should the worst happen anyway. 

Now for the fun part. Whether you’re decorating your bedroom or living room, we have a wide range of luxury cushion covers available to help you make your house a home. Simply cover your cushion with your chosen cushion cover to showcase your favorite styles!

What cushion covers are available at DUSK?

We want to cater to everyone’s taste – and that’s why we’ve curated a wide and eclectic collection of luxury cushion covers for you to choose from. 

So, if you love nothing more than bringing vibrant and expressive pieces into your home, we’ve got you covered. For example, our sage green Florence cushion cover will stand out in any room, and the faux silk material of our Vienne cushion cover is bound to turn the head of any guests. 

For a softer more homely style, the ruffled texture of the Boucle cushion cover adds a cozy and soft touch to your home. Or for that home made with love style, check out our range of natural knit look cushion covers. 

Explore luxury cushion covers at DUSK

Have we not covered your style? Don’t worry! We haven’t spoken about our full and extensive collection here. Make sure you explore our full range of cushions covers, above, to find the perfect finishing touch to your bedroom or living space. You can also browse our collection of throw blankets and pillow inserts to complement your favorite cushion covers!