Luxury & High End Home Decor

With our collection of high-end home accessories, a lush and luxurious décor is only ever a few small additions away. We’re talking cozy cushion covers, eye-catching scatter cushions, and snug luxury throw blankets – everything you need to bring your luxury home decor ideas to life. Explore our complete range, below, and elevate your living room or lounge for less with our latest home furnishings deals.


How do I style my home with luxury home décor?

Unleash your inner style guru with our luxury home décor and make your home the coziest it has ever been. 

Why let your head hit the pillow when it could fall – gently – as you sink into the plumpest duck feather cushion pads, wrapped in the softest cushion covers? Fluff your cushions and arrange them from smallest to largest to create a cozy bedroom you just won’t be able to resist.

The style doesn’t stop there, dress your bed with a crafted throw blanket, ready for those chilly fall nights. Drape the throw over the end of your bed or pull it right up to your pillows for a look that brings style to your high end home décor all year round. 

Then, pick three colors for your luxury home décor pallet for a clean and cohesive look. Or get creative with a rainbow of colors for a more maximalist style. 

Whatever your personal preferences, you can be your own interior designer - we just supply the tools!

What luxury home décor is available at DUSK?

We want to help you bring style and class to every corner of your home and that’s why we have luxury home décor available for your bedroom and living room.  

Tired of coming home to a bedroom lacking color and comfort? Give your space a new lease of life with a crafted luxury throw blanket. We’ve created a diverse range of colors and styles, so there’s high end home décor options for everyone. 

Or perhaps you’re looking for a luxurious upgrade to your bed and sofa cushions? Bring the party with our Vienna cushion cover in champagne. For a softer touch, our Florence cushion cover in warm white gives that hotel-fresh style to your home.

Shop luxury home décor at DUSK

Quality. Stylish. Opulent. Our high end home décor lets you style your home with luxury for less. Shop the full range of luxury home décor, above, or head over to our blog page for more advice and inspiration.