Luxury & High End Throw Blankets

Experience true comfort and wrap yourself up in one of our luxury throw blankets to spruce up your bedding or living room decor. From the homely appeal of knit, to the elevated touch of matte faux silk, we have crafted luxury blankets to suit any style and any home. Browse our range of bed throws, below. Adorn your sofas or place over one of our high end duvet covers to add contrast to your bed.


What are luxury bed throws used for?

Get yourself a throw that can do both. Whether you’re decorating your bedroom or looking to stay toasty and warm in the winter months, our crafted luxury throw blankets do it all. 

We certainly think a cozy bed throw is the best addition to any fall or winter movie night. So, when the Christmas lights are twinkling, your favorite Christmas movie is playing, and the festive treats are laid before you, top it all off with a soft throw hugging your shoulders. 

And then, when the heat of summer comes, our bed throws become a luxurious decoration to elevate your bedspread. Simply drape the throw at the end of your bed to co-ordinate or contrast with your duvet cover and pillowcase set-up.

What bed throws are available at DUSK?

Here at DUSK, we believe luxury is for everyone. No matter the style. No matter the taste. No matter the budget. You deserve the best of the best when it comes to your bed throws. 

If you love the coziness of a soft neutral pallet, then we have a wide range of off white, beige, and brown bed throws available. Try our knitted throw in a natural shade for a remote country cottage style, or for something a bit closer to home, our bestselling Boucle throw in off white is just as luxurious. 

The texture and style of your bed throw reflects your taste just as much as the color, and we have a vast range of styles on offer. For a modern and characterful throw, look no further than our Vienna throw. Or, if you prefer a classic style, then our mohair throws are perfect for you.

Shop crafted luxury throw blankets at DUSK

We pride ourselves on bringing that high end feel right into the heart of your bedroom, and our crafted luxury blankets are designed to do just that. Regardless of your style or color pallet preference, we’ve got a bed throw for you!

Discover our full range of crafted luxury throw blankets, above.