Why Do I Need a Duvet Cover?

Why do I need a duvet cover

The simple act of slipping into clean, cozy, comfortable sheets is the perfect recipe for a deep, restful, relaxing sleep. And a duvet cover is simply the cherry on top. 

With a fluffy duvet to keep you warm at night, you may wonder what the purpose of a duvet cover even is and why we’re making such a big deal of them. So, let us tell you exactly why a duvet cover is the perfect finishing touch to any bedroom. 

Read, below, to discover what duvet covers are used for, the benefits of using a duvet cover, and why we believe everyone needs a duvet cover.

How do you use a duvet cover?

While the purpose of a duvet cover may seem self-explanatory, it can actually be quite tricky to use. So, let’s first take a look at how to use a duvet cover and how to put one on.

A duvet cover is just that – a cover for a duvet. You simply take your duvet and that goes inside your duvet cover. Now, we’ll get into why you might need a duvet cover later, but first let’s iron out how to use a duvet cover properly with some handy tips for putting them. 

One of the easiest ways to put a duvet cover on, is to turn it inside out. Lay your duvet out on the bed in front of you, place your arms into the duvet cover, putting a hand in each end corner. 

Then, you want to grab the bottom corners of your duvet, holding a corner in each hand. Once you have a proper hold of them, flip the duvet cover so it is facing the right way. Pull your hands up slightly and give it all a little shake, until the duvet cover is over the duvet fully. 

Top tip: Once the duvet cover is mostly over the duvet, you can lay it out and pull the duvet cover towards the end of your duvet. This can make putting it on just a little easier. 

Now, you may be asking, can you use a duvet cover by itself? And the answer is, yes, you can use a duvet cover by itself. While it may not be traditional to do so, using a duvet cover by itself can actually help you stay nice and cool during the warmer months.

What are the benefits of a duvet cover?

Okay, we know you’ve been waiting patiently. So, as promised, now you know how to use your duvet cover, let’s take a look at all the lovely benefits you can enjoy.

1. Makes washing simpler

First up, using a duvet cover makes washing easier. Isn’t that just the sweetest music to your ears? 

Since your duvet cover goes on your duvet, there is no need to wash a chunky duvet that takes ages to dry. You can simply slip off the duvet cover and wash that on its own. And, as a duvet cover is quite thin, it should dry quickly as well, meaning you can be snuggled up in bed sooner! 

We recommend you wash your duvet cover every two weeks. While this may sound like just one more item to add to the pile, it is actually a great way to keep your bedroom fresh.

After all, is there anything better than that first sleep on fresh, crisp, clean sheets? Well, imagine you can have that sleep lulling, snooze inducing, totally relaxed feeling, every 14 days, without having to spend any cash on a new bed set. Sounds like a dream to us!

2. Easy to store

If washing a duvet cover that often isn’t possible for your schedule, you can have multiple duvet covers on the go to minimize the need to wash. 

We recommend having at least two duvet covers anyway – an ‘in-use’ duvet cover and a ‘to wash’ duvet cover – but you can have as many as you like! It can be fun to have a few different colors of duvet as well, or even to have ones for each season to keep your bedroom on trend all year round.

The beauty of duvet covers is they are made of thinner material. So, when you aren’t using the other duvet covers, they are super easy to fold up and pop away without taking up too much storage space in your closet.

3. Keeps the comfort

Just as a fitted sheet or flat sheet protects your mattress from dust and dirt, a duvet cover works in the exact same way to protect your duvet from damage.  

Some people eat in bed, apply tanning lotions before getting into bed, or doze off without removing makeup, and all this can be damaging to your duvet. Even if none of that sounds like you, the natural oils and sweat that come from your skin as you sleep can seep into your duvet. 

By using a duvet cover, you can keep your duvet protected from all of this. So, you know that plump, fluffy, cozy feel of a brand new duvet? Well, that sticks around much longer when you use a duvet cover!

So, do I need a duvet cover?

Now you know the benefits of using a duvet cover, you might be wondering whether you need a duvet cover. Well, let us help you decide!

While you don’t necessarily need a duvet cover, they are a great way to effortlessly upgrade your bedspread. And we have tons of different duvet covers available for you to try. 

All of our duvet covers are made from 100% cotton to ensure you have the comfiest, coziest, nights sleep possible. All you need to decide is whether you go for a crisp white cotton duvet cover or something a bit more sleek like our Portofino duvet cover in charcoal

Of course, those aren’t the only duvet covers available here at DUSK. We have patterned duvet covers like our Copenhagen brushed cotton duvet cover, and ones with a splash of colour like the regent duvet cover in navy too!

Has your head been turned by the wonders of a duvet cover? We thought so! If you want tips on how you can complement your duvet cover with some cozy bedroom décor, or what the difference is between a duvet cover and a comforter, head over to DUSK site.